Our In-house Fabrication Lab

Lower Extremity

      • Cosmetic and/or functional
      • Ultra light weight construction
      • Flexible sockets
      • Newest technlogy suspension
      • Dynamic response, energy storing, and high activity feet
      • Microprocessor knees
      • Lifelike soft covers
      • Symes prostheses
      • Hydraulic-pneumatic safety knees
      • Hemipelvectomy prostheses
      • Hip disarticulation prostheses
      • Toe fillers
      • Partial foot prostheses
      • Water legs

Post-Operative Care

      • Pre/Post surgical counseling
      • Immediate Post-Operative Prostheses (IPOP)
      • Stump shrinkers

Upper Extremity

      • Body-powered, functional hands
      • Work hooks
      • Myoelectric arms
      • Cosmetic arms

Personalize it

With our in-house Fabrication Lab we are able to make your prosthesis completely custom to your expectations. From fit to finish we can give your prosthesis a unique design and look. Have a favorite sports team, or a favorite pattern no problem. We’ll customize your socket uniquely to you.

Our Mission

As a 3rd generation Orthotist and Prosthetist with over 30 years experience, we know how important it is to discover your needs and present options that meet them. With over 20 years of experience partnered with your input, we will create an individually crafted device made just for you.