Success Stories

One Step At A Time


“I Just Wanted To Take A Few Minutes, And Express My Gratitude, And Sincerest Thanks, For The Awesome Care And Professional Service That Fenton Prosthetics and Orthotics Has Provided… I Am Extremely Pleased With The Service And Products I’ve Received… You Guys Rock…”

Bennie Johnson



My name is Russ, I have lead an active an independent lifestyle. As a Pharmacist, I spend long hours on my feet. In February 2014, it was required to have my right leg amputated above the knee. I interviewed several Prosthetic teams to ensure that I was getting the best possible care. This is when Jim and I met. He and the team at Fenton have been outstanding. They have listened to all of my needs and work toward getting me back to my journey in life. They have provided my with tailored prosthesis to suit the needs of my active life. Jim’s wife, Suzanne even spent time to train me!”

“You can’t teach Caring….”



My name is Luke, and I am a human being. I AM not an amputee, because I do not let my physical problem define me. I have all my life pushed through the ridicule, the pain, and the changes. I am a guitar player, basketball player, a swimmer, a biker, a minister, and anything else I wish to be. I do not let this condition take anything from me. The main reason for my strength comes from the promises from God, that one day I will live in happiness, completely pain free. But until that day comes, I rely on Jim to give me a chance at living a normal life. Always an avid problem solver, we work through anything that comes up; and the time he takes to get things right shows that he doesn’t see his patients as just patients. He sees them for what they are: human beings. We are defined by the biggest weakness we have, unless we make it a source of strength. Jim Fenton has been helping me to do that for the last 3 years.”

Thank You Jim



“I developed ‘drop foot’ following surgery. I work in an office and did not want to be restricted to sneakers or tie shoes required to accommodate most braces. My goal was to have an invisible, light weight brace that could be worn with normal shoes. Jim Fenton understood my request and worked patiently to fit me with a light weight brace to meet my needs. My brace not only allows me to walk comfortably but also to play golf. Jim Fenton is a kind and compassionate individual, characteristics that are so important for a professional in his line of work.”



“My name is Annie. I’m a travel agent and I get to travel all over the place. When I’m walking, I need to be comfortable. The legs that I had before did not allow me to walk as far, or for as long as I wanted to. Jim was able to find the right type of prosthetic foot that was lightweight and gave me ankle motion that I did not have in my other prosthesis. And he made it look good too, so I can show off when I go to church.”



“My mission in life is to do what I have always done before my amputation 30 years ago, regardless of wearing a prosthesis; which is to stay active and stay capable of working, repairing or making anything I want to. It is at the core of all mankind that we can rely on ourselves for our own solutions, such as taking care of yourself or your family. To find a prothesis that joins you in that mission is rare and a blessing. OPC/Jim Fenton is a man I can rely on to look for those solutions, not just a delivery date. It is a great advantage to me to have found a business which puts service over personal ego. feel lucky!”



“Just wanted to say thanks for your care given to my father in law, Albert Elslager, you have given him his independence back. I can’t say enough good things about the work you do and the effect you and your team have on so many lives. Thank you for all you do.”



We love seeing photos like this. Larry is a new amputee and in 3 short months with his prosthesis he’s moved mountains. Or in Larry’s case, he’s moved piles of dirt! From day one, Larry said he was going back to work and he did just that. We are so proud of you, Larry!



Today we are celebrating the next chapter in Mickey’s life. Mickey is a recent right below knee amputee who ventured out on his motorcycle, for the first time, wearing his prosthesis. Determination, perseverance and hard work will get you where you want to go and Mickey is proof of that. Congrats Mickey on your accomplishments!


Our Mission

As a 3rd generation Orthotist and Prosthetist with over 30 years experience, we know how important it is to discover your needs and present options that meet them. With over 20 years of experience partnered with your input, we will create an individually crafted device made just for you.